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April 12, 2012
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Pirate Storm - ship battle #2 by bagatzky Pirate Storm - ship battle #2 by bagatzky
I did some illustrations for my former employer Bigpoint last month. I had lunch with some of the artists there yesterday again and they told me that one of the visuals has been put to use and i can therefore show it to you now.

It’s the second of two visuals, a battle between two ships out of the Pirate Storm universe. This image took me quite a while (i think i did the first visual in half the time and it still looks and works better) and only came to a “succesfull” end through hard, forceful labour. I was “in the zone” with visual 1 when i was ordered to stop with that and instead start working on this one. If you’re an artist you know how hard it can be to switch from one image to another in the middle of things. Especially when things are just flowing and you’re trying to follow a vision.
So hard it was with this one. I spent many hours trying to figure out how to “fix” it, trying to create a somewhat cool visual while having the feedback of the client in mind and of course the future use of the piece to consider.
This visual will basically never be shown on its own. You will get to see bits and pieces on banners, on landingpages, in newsletters and so on.. but only pieces. Therefore the image had to be painted in parts and layers, lots of reusable layers.

If you'd like to see it in use please visit my blog as i don't want to upload the clients material to DA.

This visual certainly isn't the best one and a good example on "more stuff isn't necessarily better".
The numbers though seem to indicate that the visual doesn’t do too bad and helped to increase the view2reg-activity. Which is great, because even if i’m not all too happy with the result, it would only be really bad if the client was dissatisfied. Which fortunately for me, he isn’t.

The design of the ships wasn’t done by me, but provided by Bigpoint. They exist as actual in game assets. I don’t own credit for those.
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